The end of a personal era… My site changed faces and phases few times along the years, and each time it answered my needs at that time. Now, it’s time to change again… as we – people – change, so are our sites, I guess ;-).


No, I’m not taking it totally off-line. I’m just taking time to decide on which direction I want to go next, and what we’d like to do with our space in the future. Most likely we’ll come back at the beginning of 2007 with a different format of showing our photos, time will tell… but we’ll be back for sure.


For now, we leave you with our ELSEWHERE page, where you can find some of the sites we love to surf to and check their new photos. We still have our US ON FLICKR site, so check there as well… we might add new photos there from time to time.


Thanks for visiting along the years. We do appreciate your comments and feedback.